tiistai 29. maaliskuuta 2011

At Home With Anu Part 1/2

Kotoani löytyy minun lisäkseni kaksi karvaista asukkia, joista on paljon iloa, mutta välillä myös harmia esimerkiksi kissankarvavuorien muodossa. Pahoittelen suurta kuvamäärää, mutta ei noista naperoista voi valita vain paria kuvaa. Kissat ovat viihdyttäneet minua reilun vuoden ja (toisinaan) ne tottelevat nimiä Viiru ja Myy. Ne ovat pennusta asti viihtyneet tiivisti yhdessä ja yleensä löydän ne nukkumasta vierekkäin sängyltäni. (Kuvia voi klikkailla suuremmaksi.)

There are two little hairy ones living with me. They give me so much joy but sometimes also a bit misery for example when I find hair literally everywhere. I apologise for the amount of pictures, but I just can't pick one or two favourites from these cuties. I've had them over a year now and they (sometimes) answer to the names Viiru (meaning stripe) and Myy (like little My from the Moomins). They've been like peas and carrots since they were kittens and I usually find them sleeping on my bed together. (You can click to enlarge the pics.)

10 kommenttia:

  1. Naww.. I love this post! They are ADORABLE!
    I'm exactly the same with my two..
    I go a little crazy when taking photos of them, and can never choose favorites! haha..
    They're such a blessing yes.

    I'm a new fan of your blog.
    It's wonderful!

    x x x x Liv

  2. Oh how sweet! I miss my darling kitty so much! I love your blog, definitely your newest follower! Have a great day!

  3. they are really the cutest ! :)

  4. These photos are so cutee! :) Nice blog, I follow you!


  5. omg love it! they are so so so cute! Don't apologize for the amount of pictures, I love looking at all of them!


  6. soo cute, i really want a white cat! :)

    hope you'll enter my giveaway

  7. These photo's are are sooo adorable! Such gorgeous kitty cats (-:

  8. Thanks for your lovely comments! It's nice to know that you like our blog, makes us happy!


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