Briefly in English

An inspiration burst upon her. That´s the beginning of a story about two designers who want to bring happiness and beauty to everyday life with their products.

We are two passionate designers who present their own unique products in this blog. At the moment those products include clothes, accessories, artifacts for interior decoration and everything in between.

I´m a 25-year-old clothing designer whose longing for beauty combined with a compulsive craving for collecting worthless junk discarded by someone creates one of a kind pieces.

I´m a 27-year-old clothing designer who´s into cloth printing and dyeing. I get inspiration from music, movies, nature and photographing.

If you are interested about our products or just want to ask us something, feel free to contact either of us by e-mail or just write in the comment boxes!

All the products presented in this blog are made and photographed by ourselves, if not mentioned otherwise. So, please, don´t use our pictures without permission.