perjantai 28. lokakuuta 2011

Autumn moments

Over past few days I've been feeling a little slow and low. Maybe it's because of the moment when we are just waiting for the winter. When all the colors are gone and there's nothing more but darkness and the shades of grey. While I'm waiting for the weekend and good time to begin I try to cheer myself up by listening good music. Oh, what a great band!!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday.
    You always make me so happy taking time for that ;)

    I've answered your comment on the candleholder in the post "dos visit visits"..

    I wish you a great start of the week and hopefully some new energy is stored from the weekend..

  2. You are so sweet, thanks for the answer. And I do love your blog;)

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