maanantai 25. heinäkuuta 2011

Tunnelmia Taitokorttelista osa 1

Vietimme juuri viikon Joensuun Taitokorttelissa omia tuotteitamme esitellen ja myyden. Meillä oli hauskaa suloisessa pienessä punaisessa myyntikojussamme Taitokorttelin sisäpihalla. Joensuun sydämessä meitä ympäröi kulttuuri, käsityö ja design. Tässä tunnelmia sieltä!

We just spent a week at Taitokortteli here in Joensuu. It´s a beautiful place for all kinds of handcrafters to sell and present their creations. We had a cute little red booth and a lot of fun! We were surrounded by culture, handcrafts and design in the heart of Joensuu. Here are a few pics from there!

The masterminds behind all these creations. (That´s us, Piia on the left & Anu on the right.)

This wooden brooch says "Here" and is a piece from a little collection called Goose gone wild. Piia designed and produced the collection from second hand material for a local design label Hañhi design.

 Cute vests and other creations by Anu.

Colourful little bags by Anu.

These fun coin purses are made by Anu. They are all unique and you can find a few of them from her etsy-shop.

Various products by Piia.

A couple of huge rings and a glass necklace by Piia.

Here are a few of the old pins Piia covered with new pictures and messages. 
"I Shop, therefore I Am Ethical"

xoxo Anu&Piia

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